About us



Frank Mentopawiro:
Frank Mentopawiro work since 1994 for the telephone company (TELESUR) on the Transmission Department / Antennas & Tower Construction. Every day we get the commands to carry a team to fix antennas system, malfunctions, extensions, including work and new projects.
It’s all about working at height, with a 30 manpower team.
Collaborate and communicate well is important, so that accidents are minimized.

Greegenie Fransman:
I am 20 years old. I was at the transition year at ADEK, but didn’t finish it. I’ve chosen to do this course, ICT in Education, because I didn’t want to do the transition year once again. I am generally a very quiet person, like to listen to others. i ‘m reserved and sometimes nervous. I like to read. I am very helpful and very polite.

Gary Sodikromo:
In 1985 I enrolled at the Faculty for Technological sciences at the University of Suriname. Because of various reasons I did not finish that study. With the introduction of Internet in 1990 I switched my focus to IT and by 1995 started my career as an operations manager at a computer store. As of 1997 I am a self employed IT professional specialized in operations management. Currently I provide IT services to 3 companies and 2 secondary schools. Because of the services to these schools, I decided to enroll in this course. This course was promoted as: Science and Technology in Education. I hope to exploit my technological knowledge to teach or to support education in our country.

Johan de Freitas:
Working with the Ministry of education & community development,
Lives in Paramaribo and functional as department head at the transport section
the Main Department of Technical Services.
Provides for transporting students and teachers to and from school, both by boat, bus and plane. Also for the payments for the carriers need to receive and monitor the arrangements made to perform the job properly.

Kimberley Tjon Poen Gie:
My name is Kimberley Tjon Poen Gie. I live in Commewijne with my spouse and my two beautiful boys. I am a teacher in junior college and started teaching in October 2012. I teach ICT in Senior College. We mostly teach the kids how to work with computers and office programs. I signed up for this course to get certified, to learn more about ICT and to improve my skills. So far I have learned way more than I expected. Teaching is a passion within me.

Remie Wiratma:
My name is Remie Wiratma. I live in a place called Maretraite, its a part of big City Paramaribo. It is situated in the northern site of Paramaribo. I work as a application administrator and software developer for the insurance company N.V.Parsasco. I’ve worked for almost 15 years in the ICT branch. I have signed up for this course ICT in Education, because i think for me it is an opportunity to learn more about another side of this big branch called ICT. And to learn how to teach it to other people makes it even more a privilege..


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